The Easter Feria

La Feria de Pâques, ouvre la saison tauromachique française et attire 300 000 visiteurs pour 50 000 aficionados qui dans les arènes romaines assisteront aux corridas.

For three days, the festival takes place in the arenas and in the City, which offers a whole palette of colors, flavors and rhythms with the many events organized as part of the Easter Feria.

The arenas of Arles are classified in 1st category, the French arenas being classified in three categories. Discover the cartels and book your seats !


Discover the Toro space
During 5 days before the Feria, the Toros space gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the world of Bullfighting: visit of the Feria toros, Camargue races, educational workshops ... Meet at Corrales d'Arles, road to Gimeaux.

Apart from the Arena, Arles has something to satisfy aficionados but also party animals! Abrivado, encierro, bandido, parades of "Peña" or "bandas" - brass bands to punctuate the day ... Bodegas in the evening to have a drink, taste tapas, a good paella and follow a few steps of Sevillana !

Book your accommodation during the Feria in Arles or in the Camargue





The Rice Feria

Festival of the Arles region, the Rice Feria is that of all “aficionados”. It is Arles’s second bullfighting event which takes place just before autumn, in mid-September. One week before the Feria, the Espace Toro is set up in the corrales de Gimeaux. This is the opportunity to observe the bulls of the Feria du Riz bullfights, to discover the different forms of bullfighting and to attend performances by the bullfighting school.

Since 2005, the Corrida Goyesque has become the great event of the Feria du Riz and the French bullfighting season. Combining multiple arts together, Corrida Goyesque is unique both in decor and music.

To imagine the ephemeral setting in which the bullfight takes place, the empresa called on various creators, decorators, painters, architects ... The very first guest was Christian Lacroix, then Jean-Paul Chambas, Lucien Clergue, Jean-Pierre Formica, Ena Swansea, Claude Viallat, Loren as well as Rudy Ricciotti. Far from being fixed, the decor they imagined is bound to disappear as the works of the arena are born under the muleta of the bullfighters and the gallop of the toros. In principle, the Goyesque corrida takes place just like a traditional corrida with the same rules and the same ritual, only the costumes are different.

Each player in the bullfight is dressed in clothes similar to those of Goya's time (1746-1828) with very little embroidery and no sequins, as for the traditional montera, it is replaced by a cocked hat. Another particularity for this Corrida Goyesque Arlésienne: the music. Indeed, to enrich this event the Voce choir, a Soprano singer and the Chicuelo II orchestra accompany the faenas of the toreros.

This year, the Feria du Riz 2021, was exclusively Goyesque, for an even more breathtaking spectacle !

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