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The Arles Tourist Office is an Industrial and Commercial Publicly-owned establishment (EPIC), with three obligatory missions of free service for visitors:
to welcome : receive visitors and offer them free local, departmental or regional documentation
to inform over the counter, the telephone, via e-mail or mail
to promote : ensure the promotion of the destination using all the tools at their disposal.

The Arles Tourist Office is one of the 64 tourist offices classed 4* among France's 3600 Tourist Offices.
It is certified AFNOR, NF services since March 2003.
It was awarded the label " Qualité tourisme" in April 2006.
The office of the Boulevard des Lices was awarded the label "Tourisme et Handicap" in June 2010.
The tourist office received marketing approval in 1997.
The Arles Tourist Office is the first tourist office in France to have passed a management convention with the Conservatoire du Littoral which owns 600 sites (Vigueirat Marshes).

The Arles Tourist Office produced the new logo " Arles à 365° " and a style for the new website. We invite you to browse through it and get the most out of it!


Our commitments

Ville d'arles

City of Arles

he City of Arles : Heir to the 12th century seal of the consuls, the lion of Arles is rooted in history but also expresses a deliberately contemporary and attractive image of the city. AB IRA LEONIS is the Latin motto which means " By the anger of the lion". The " World heritage" label permits us to diffuse the UNESCO's prestigious distinction in all communication on the city.
Patrimoine mondial

The " Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage"

specifies that the goods (monuments, complexes and sites) distinguished for their exceptional universal value must be protected and developed in order to be passed on to future generations.

NF Service

Collective mark of certification delivered by AFAQ AFNOR Certification. It abides by the safety and quality regulations laid out in the corresponding certification reference framework.
Qualité tourisme

Qualité Tourisme

Official quality stamp which brings together the rigorous quality criteria adopted by tourism industry professionals whose objective is quality services for customer satisfaction. This qualification constitutes a guarantee for the client.
Bouches du Rhône tourisme

Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme

financed by General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, prepares and implements the departmental tourism policy.
Rendez-vous en France

Rendez-vous en France

A new label in France which helps to develop the attractiveness of France as a destination by creating a strong and unifying identity, while renewing its image.
Office du Tourisme

The National federation of the Tourist offices and Tourist information centres

Represents more than 3000 structures. It is guarantor of their missions: reception, information, organisation and promotion
Art et Histoire

Villes et pays d'Art et d'Histoire

A network bringing together 137 cities and regions famous for their art and history committed to the promotion and use of heritage and architecture. Many activities to raise awareness and discover (guided tours, informative exhibitions, workshops, publications...) are organised here for everyone.


a mark of progress and a European label for policies of sustainable development for historical cities. The Qualicities label rewards the political engagement of historical local communities in Europe who commit themselves to sustainable development based on the protection and the development of their heritage. For more information visit:

The Alliance of European Cultural Cities (A.V.E.C.)

was created in 1997 on the initiative of five European cities, which wished to share their experiences in the fields of protection and the promotion of their heritage. Today, the 35 member cities of the A.V.E.C work to integrate as harmoniously as possible the innovative and what already exists, to make local heritage a motor for economic, cultural and social development and to contribute to their common influence. For more information visit:
Région PACA

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azure Region

has chosen to bring together the old coats of arms of Provence, Dauphine and Nice in order to create an emblem of regional identity. The coat-of-arms of Provence: the colours red and gold of the coat-of-arms of Provence go back to the 12th century, when it carried the arms of Aragon. The coat-of-arms of Dauphine: the Dolphin was the emblem of the lords of Dauphine (Albon, Burgundy, and La Tour du Pin) who succeeded one another from the 11th to the 14th centuries. The coat-of-arms of Nice: the eagle of Nice comes from the Germanic Holy Roman Empire on which the House of Savoy depended. The three mountains under the animal symbolise the Alban, Gros and Chauve mountains. In 1860, the Treaty of Turin followed by a plebiscite, decided the annexation of Nice to France.
Villes fleuris

Villes et villages fleuris

Label awarded according to three series of criteria: sustainable development, the choice of flowers, and cleanliness and maintenance. The criteria are offered on an indicative basis. They are modulated according to the level of certification, the size and local specificities of the town in question.

Marseille 2013

As of the 2013 candidacy, Arles has assembled ambitious projects under the banner of « Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture ». In the fields of image and photography, architecture, with the Parc des Ateliers, publishing, world music and equestrian arts, individuals and cultural companies from Arles are busy imagining and inventing with 2013 in their sights.
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