Fréderic Mistral

Frédéric Mistral, poet of the Provençal language renaissance

Frédéric Mistral was born in 1830 at Maillane, a small village north of Arles, at the foot of the Alpilles, between the Rhone and the Durance. Born into a family of rich landowners, he grew up on his father's mas (or Provençal farmhouse)… 

Arlesian traditional costume

Arlesian traditional costume originated in the middle from the 18th century.

It developed under the influence of Parisian fashion and the times: the droulet, Louis Philippe, Napoleon III costumes, not forgetting the mark made by Léo Lelée. 

The queen of Arles

The election of the Queen of Arles is one of the high moments!

After a morning of final interviews, the Queen of Arles and her Maidens of Honour are officially presented to the "people of Arles" by the Mayor

Museon Arlaten

The museum closed for renovation works until 2019.

Arles has always been a city of traditions. In 1854 Frédéric Mistral and six other young poets founded Félibrige, a literary movement to defend and promote Provençal language.


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