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The Rhone

The Rhone's delta opens at Arles. Its two arms, the wider "Grand Rhone" and the narrower "Petit Rhone", are navigable and give river tourists a new perspective of the Camargue. Stopping at Arles is a must for the cruise boats going up or down the Rhone. Since time immemorial, the Rhone has meandered its way towards the sea and men have learnt how to work with it.

Water here is everywhere, at the docks that Van Gogh held so dear, where the cruise boats anchor themselves on the Rhone, in the Camargue where it surfaces everywhere, or along the 50 km coast line which separates the mouths from the Petit Rhone and the Grand Rhone. Because Arles is also synonymous with sea and sand, home to the Mediterranean's longest natural beach: 26 kilometres of fine sand and dunes, set in an extraordinary landscape, unspoilt by buildings, at the beaches of Beauduc and Piémanson.

It is this marriage of river, sea and men that gave life to this unique territory.

Crossing the Rhône

It is possible to cross the Rhone to reach Port Saint Louis du Rhone by taking the Barcarin boat


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