The queen of Arles

On 1 May 2020 !

The next Queen will be elected on 1 May 2020 during the Herdsmen's Festival. Traditionally, the coronation takes place during the Festival of Arles, at the beginning of July, in the ancient theatre.

The Queen of Arles

Elected for three yearsthe Queen of Arles and the Maidens of Honour are selected after having shown their knowledge of Proveçal history, literature, architecture, arts, traditions and language. The Queen then becomes the ambassadress of the traditions of the region of Arles, accompanying local officials at cultural and traditional events. At these events, she always wears the traditional costume of Arles.


The first Queen was elected in honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Frédéric Mistral. The current Queen of Arles, Naïs Lesbros, elected in 2017, is the 23th queen to bear this title. Like her predecessors, during her mandate she will carry out the role of guardian of Provençal culture, costume and language, accompanied by her Maidens of Honour.  

The election of the Queen of Arles is one of the high moments for the people of Arles and all those who are in town on that day! After a morning of final interviews, the Queen of Arles and her Maidens of Honour are officially presented to the "people of Arles" by the Mayor, from the Town Hall balcony: " Pople d' Arle, veici ta Reino". 


Since 1930, the Festival Committee elects the Queen of Arles every three years.

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