Find at the Tourist Office what you need for a perfect experience of Arles for you and your family ! Coupled tickets for monuments but also Passes that include access to the city’s museums. Good news: it’s free for - 18 years old accompanied by a parent !

Classified as a city of art and history, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Arles has more than one jewel in its bag, open your eyes wide !



The City of Arles benefits from a double inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, for the cultural good «Arles, Roman and Romanesque monuments» and for the cultural good in series «Chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en France».




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Montmajour Abbey
Located on the outskirts of the city of Arles, the Benedictine abbey of Montmajour is an exceptional example of a monument that bears witness to nearl...

Cloister of St. Trophime
Date: 12th-14th century Era: Middle Ages Type: Religious architecture Status: Property of the Town of Arles, listed as a national Historic Monument...

Ste Luce commandery
The history of the building is very marked by religious history. Firstly it houses the Templars, and then, after the dramatic episode of their removal...
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The Roman Amphitheatre
The amphitheatre is the most important monument of the former Roman colony that we should admire, some two thousand years after its construction. Its ...

The Roman circus
The circus is the largest Roman monument and could only be located outside the town. It was built in the 2nd century to the south-west of the town, o...
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The Alyscamps
However, the cemetery became extremely significant during the Paleo-Christian era, with the inhumation of the martyr Saint Genest and the burial of th...
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The Forum's cryptoportices
Date: Late 1st century BC Period : Antiquity Type : Public architecture of the community Status: Property of the City of Arles, classified as a his...

The Baths of Constantine
Date: 4th century era: ancient Type: Architecture of sports and recreation status: property of the historic city of Arles (for the clear part) class M...

The ancient Obelisk
Date: 4th century Era: Antiquity Type: Votive public architecture Status: Public estate listed as a national Historic Monument in 1840 and a UNESCO...
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Bridge Van Gogh
Named formerly bridge of Langlois time: 19th century Type: public Architecture: engineering status: property of the Tourist Office of the Arles class ...
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Primatiale Saint Trophime
Date: 12th and 15th centuries Era: Middle Ages Type: Religious architecture Status: Property of the Town of Arles and listed as a national Historic Mo...

Ancient Theatre
The Roman Theatre of Arles, which preceded its famous neighbour the amphitheatre by a century, is less well preserved. Constructed at the end of the ...
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