Filled with history and history, the squares of Arles are popular meeting places for Arlésiens, during traditional festivals in particular.


The Forum Square

La The Forum Square remains the most lively and popular and attracts both Arlesians and tourists. Every May 1st, it is a stop the Festival of Gardians, who come to greet the statue of Frédéric Mistral. It gathers all the aficionados during the Feria and then becomes difficult to cross. In 1888 Van Gogh made famous the Place du Forum by representing the outside of a cafe located on this square. 

Républic Square

A true heart of the city, the place de la république or former Place Royale bears witness to all the eras that have marked the history of the city : monuments from antiquity to the Middle Ages, and facades where a diversity of styles from the 17th to the 19th centuries is linked.

Places Paul Doumer and Antonelle

These squares are in the heart of the district of La Roquette, host of many small shops (butcher, fruit and vegetables, grocery, bakery,...) but also restaurants, cafes, which make it a real center of life of the oldest district of the city. They also live to the rhythm of Arlesian events, whether it is photography, music, Christmas or carnival.

Voltaire Square

Voltaire Square, just a stone’s throw from the bullring, underwent a makeover in 2010. The plane trees and the cafes give it an air of village square, which offers animations and concerts (streets in music) as soon as the summer arrives.


Nina Berberova Square

Nina Berberova Square has become the cultural centre of Arles.

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