festival Arelate et Peplum à Arles

ARELATE, every year in August, relive Arles in Roman times!

Life in Roman times!
Focused on Romanism, the “Arelate, Roman Days of Arles” festival has drawn its inspiration since 2007 from this city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the fabulous heritage of Rome is still so intensely present and inseparable from everyday life. . “Arelate, Roman Days of Arles” is a summer event combining historical rigor, pleasure of discovery and conviviality by celebrating the whole of the ancient heritage of the city. The exceptional and varied program has been designed accordingly for the general public, making the best use of Arles' potential and local resources.
Under the radiant August sun, the Romans took up their summer quarters in the "Little Rome of the Gauls", where the rhythmic footsteps of legionaries echoed, the gladiatorial blows of gladiators and the applause of jubilant spectators. Tourists and Arlesians of all ages have the opportunity to find themselves almost two thousand years back, at a time that arouses fascination, so much does it seem both close and distant from ours.
Arelate is also an exceptional partnership with the Peplum film festival.

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Peplum Film Festival

Every year, on the big screen, in the prestigious setting of the Ancient Theater of Arles, films of the Peplum genre are shown. The Péplum Association, made up of volunteers was created in 1987 and set itself the goal of creating a festival focused on Romanity, drawing its inspiration from the history of the city of Arles, in this city, where the fabulous Rome's heritage is still so intensely present that the generations experience a deep familiarity with this heritage inseparable from everyday life, which delighted Franco-Italian cinema in the 1950s and 1960s.

Grandiose epics in the most ancient of cities. Each year, the Peplum Film Festival invites young and old to rediscover Antiquity on the big screen thanks to films of the peplum genre, in the prestigious setting of the Ancient Theater of Arles.

From great classics to contemporary films, the screenings are associated with a complete program. Start your evenings at 6.30 p.m. with the Aperitif Meetings: every evening over a drink, chat with archaeologists, reenactors or cinema specialists. 
To extend the evening to 7:30 p.m., the film club allows discussions between spectators and specialists in the 7th Art. The preludes, as their name suggests, entertain you while waiting for the start of the screening with shows, concerts and other unusual activities..
At 9 p.m., the projections on a giant screen promise you 1000 adventures.

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