Bulls in street

The bull does not always in arena or in the meadows, it may be at the heartof the action in the streets and among men.

The bull does not always in arena or in the meadows, he happens to be inthe street.

The Fair is also celebrated with a full program of events for four daysbefore and after the bullfights. This program is devised by the Committee ofthe feria. These are musical events, exhibitions of artists inspired bybullfighting, bull runs and bull run in the streets, the abrivados (originally bythe escort cowboys bulls into the arena of pre) or bandido (accompanimentof the bulls back into the fold by cowboys on horseback). On otheroccasions are held "roussataio" or let go of the old horses like we didwhen we moved the mares with their foals in a pen to another.

The festival is also music and dance: the wineries open their doors in lateafternoon, at the end of the bullfight, until midnight. It is a meeting placewhere you can listen and dance the Sevillana and other musicfestives.Même if the bulls are emboulés must be very careful and follow allsafety precautions announced before each of these events.

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Comité de la Féria d’Arles
Tél : 04 90 93 61 01

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