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La Vie simple – Simplement la vie / Songs of Alienation

FROM 07 OCTOBER 2017 TO 02 APRIL 2018 - 11.00 AM TO 6.00 PM

Bringing together a selection of works by contemporary and historical artists, this autumn’s collective exhibition spotlights our conceptions of a life of simplicity. In a wealth of free associations, it explores the fantasies and waves of nostalgia conjured by its very title, La Vie simple – Simplement la vie (“The Simple Life – Simply Life”).


Jacques Réattu (1760-1833), arelatensis

Dream of an artist

16 september 2017 - 7 january 2018
Musée Réattu - Chapelle Sainte Anne (Place de la République)
Jacques Réattu was born in Arles in 1760. He was the illegitimate son of a nobleman, Guillaume Barrême de Châteaufort, and Catherine Raspal, sister of Antoine Raspal, the painter “of Arlesien women”.

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